David Gourion, Séverine Leduc

Not Like Others, More than Others In Praise of A-typical Intelligence Publication date : September 19, 2018

David Gourion is a psychiatrist. He was clinical head in the university-hospital department of the Sainte-Anne Hospital, after receiving a doctorate in neurosciences. He is notably co-author with Dr. Henri Lôo of Les Nuits de l’âme: guérir de la depression, and of La Fragilité psychique des jeunes adultes.
Séverine Leduc is a clinical psychologist, specializing in diagnostic assessments of disorders on the autism spectrum.
Some people fear social interactions. It is that type of personality that interests Dr. David Gourion, people who are uneasy in the small social theatre, but who are endowed with many other qualities. How do they function? How to consider people like Charles Darwin, Alfred Einstein, Glenn Gould or Marc Zuckerberg?
It is better to try to understand the strengths and the fragilities of that type of personality, introduced in the concept of neurodiversity, that is, the idea that intelligence is multiple, evolutive, and dynamic. Would the presence of slight autistic traits be an advantage in some realms of intellectual functions?