Jean-Charles Nayebi

Preparing, Protecting and Educating Children and Adolescents for Life in a Digital World Publication date : September 9, 2010

Jean-Claude Nayebi is a doctor in psychology, a clinician, psychotherapist and juvenile court counsellor. He has worked for more than ten years in the areas of psychopathology and cyber-abuse.

From games to chat rooms, the internet has become an integral part of young people’s lives. But most parents know very little about the enticements their children may encounter online, and so many children surf the net unsupervised. Parental-control software is not always easy to use and, in any case, parents are often unfamiliar with it.
Faced with a situation that demands monitoring, many parents are at a loss because they lack the guidelines, and often the technical skills, that would enable them to set limits. Nevertheless, it is their duty as parents to familiarise themselves with the multimedia universe and lay down rules, to prepare their child to use it.
The aim of this book is to give parents the means to supervise their child’s multimedia use, to help them identify potential risks, to prevent nascent addiction and to take action in cases of cyber-abuse. In short, it aims to lay the foundations of a proper digital education, by:
• describing the workings of some emblematic games,
• helping parents enforce rules of conduct regarding use of computers and other devices, such as cell phones,
• identifying warning signs to watch out for.

This is a book for concerned parents who wish to “protect” their children. It offers them:

• An explanation of the Internet.

• A thorough account of the multimedia universe, with advise for parents who do not necessarily have the time to explore the workings of each site or game.

• An educational and psychological aspect: the author explains how each of the sites accessed (game, chat rooms) can affect or even alter behaviour and lead to addiction.