Mael Virat

When Teachers Like Students The Psychology of Education-based Relationships Publication date : March 27, 2019

Researcher, teacher, and educator, Maël Virat is a specialist in the mechanisms of learning and educative practices. His current research in social psychology focuses on an understanding and management of the affective dimension involved in educative relationships, in the field of teaching and beyond, on the affective security of adolescents, on a sense of justice, and on delinquent behavior.
One often hears it said that a prof isn’t there to like his students, and yet…

However, many scientific studies – little known in France – show that an instructor who can like his students doesn’t damage their learning, quite the contrary: children learn better, are more motivated, more astute, and show better results. Attachment, affective security, compassionate love, and a sense of justice favor academic progress, while encouraging psychosocial development.

In France, the importance of the affective dimension in the success of students has often been ignored, badly understood, even rejected. For Maël Virat, this is a damaging mistake, which a knowledge of the results of studies presented in this book should contribute to correcting.

With supporting documentation, a book that fights a tenacious taboo that is completely out-of-sync with recent advances in psychology!