Michel David, Jocelyne Jérémie

A Guide to Psychological Help for Children From Birth to Adolescence Publication date : February 1, 1999

The number of children and teenagers being treated bypsychiatrists and psychologists is rising constantly, yetthere has been no notable decline in the mental health ofyoung people. Neither has psychiatric treatment becomecommonplace, although the taboo surrounding it haslargely disappeared. What has changed is the level ofparental anxiety when faced with childhood problems. Yet the decision to consult a child psychiatrist orpsychologist is not an easy one to follow through, as theworld of mental care is a complex one, and information isnot always easily available to the general public. InGuide de la Consultation "Psy" , the author sets out toprovide clear, concise information on how to go aboutobtaining treatment and also gives information on varioustypes of therapies and diagnoses. Written in the form of a practical manual Guide de laConsultation "Psy" , provides answers to some of themost frequently asked questions concerning mental caresuch as: What are the differences between a psychiatrist,a psychologist and a psychoanalyst? What exactly does aspeech therapist do? How should a patient decide whomto see? How much should a session with a therapist cost?What generally happens during a session? It alsoaddresses the more basic question: What type of situationwarrants a visit to a psychiatrist or psychologist?

Michel David is a child psychiatrist. For ten years, heworked in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology at theCentre Hospitalier Universitaire Robert Debré in Paris.He is currently a practising hospital child psychiatrist forthe Nord-Cotentin area, in northern France.Jocelyne Jérémie is a clinical psychologist.