Hubert Montagner

Attachment Publication date : March 2, 2006

Human beings begin learning the moment they are born. Rejecting the notion that babies live in a vegetative state, Hubert Montagner argues that the way infants interact, both cognitively and socially from the moment of birth, is crucial for their later development. The first months of human life play a decisive role.

“A new light on child development.” L’Enfant d’abord

Professor Hubert Montagner is a senior research fellow at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM) and the head of a research team at the University of Bordeaux-II specialising in the psycho-physiology and the psycho-pathology of development. He is the author of L’Enfant et l’Animal: Les Emotions qui libèrent l’intelligence (2002) and the editor of L’Enfant: la vraie question de l’école (2002).