Hélène Romano

Children and War Publication date : September 14, 2022

Hélène Romano is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She is a specialist in child trauma and the author of several books on the subject of psychological wounds. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, she has been providing support for teachers, parents and children attending school in Kiev, with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad).

- How to children respond to being exposed to war or terrorism? Whether those who grow up under the bombs or those who hear about it in the media? How can we support these traumatised children? How can we talk to children about war and terrorist attacks?
- War has always existed, but for many years it has been a distant reality. However, the care of refugee children fleeing armed conflicts, terrorist attacks and, more recently, the war in Ukraine, are all reminders of the reality of war and its impact on a generation. A new sense of insecurity has crept into children’s lives, whether those trapped in combat zones and sometimes enlisted, those fleeing towards an uncertain future, as well as, in another way, those exposed to the news and images in the media.
- The author, a specialist in the treatment of psychological trauma in children, has extensive clinical experience in the field, working with children exposed to terrorist attacks, the bombings in Ukraine, and with adult victims of armed conflict during their childhood. In this book, she provides the keys to help parents, teachers and adults to protect, secure and reassure children in the face of war and armed violence.

Sales and Promo Ideas
- The war in Ukraine, Syria or terrorism have brought armed violence into our daily lives, and children are the first to suffer.
- War victims, refugees, child soldiers, witnesses from near or far… Children are impacted by the violence of war and need to be supporter in order to heal psychologically.
- A clinical psychologist’s insight and experience on how to talk about war and make children marked by trauma feel safe.