Didier Pleux

From Little Emperors and Empresses to Little Tyrants Publication date : January 4, 2006

What can you do about a three-year-old child who decides on his own bedtime and mealtimes? How do you deal with a child who answers back to her teachers and systematically refuses to tidy up her room? What can you do with a teenager who does not even deign to speak to his parents? Should you resort to your authority over them and, if so, how? How should children be brought up to fulfil themselves while learning to respect others?

In this book, the author shows how parents can be dominated and manipulated by their children — and that this is not a good state of affairs for the children. Loving, he argues, also means knowing when to say no.

Didier Pleux is a clinical psychologist and the director of the French Institute of Cognitive Therapy. He is the author of Manuel d’éducation à l’usage des parents d’aujourd’hui (2004) and “Peut mieux faire”: Remotiver votre enfant à l’école (in the series “Guide pour s’aider soi-même”, 2003), both published by Editions Odile Jacob.