Nazir Hamad, Charles Melman

Happy Adoptions Publication date : October 15, 2014

Nazir Hamad is a psychoanalyst with has a doctorate in clinical psychology and the director of a medical and psychology centre for children and teenagers, in the Paris area. He worked notably with Françoise Dolto.
Charles Melman is a psychoanalyst. He founded the International Freudian Association (AFI) in 1982, the International Lacanian Association (ALI) in 1987 and the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes en Psychopathologie (EPHEP).

In the midst of heated debates about gay marriage and adoption by same-sex parents, two psychoanalysts with years of clinical experience examine the psychic issues raised by adoption.
How does the concept of what is ‘real’ intervene in filiation?
Whose son or daughter is a child?
How does a child find his or her place in a family’s history?
The question of adoption by same-sex parents.
What role do grandparents play in an adoption?
Why do some people fear adoption by same-sex parents?

An examination of the symbolic issues of adoption allows us to understand the singularity of the process.

• A psychoanalytical perspective on adoption.