Aldo Naouri

Hearing the Child Publication date : May 17, 2017

Aldo Naouri, a well-known pediatrician, has published Girls and Their Mothers, Educating Children, Fathers and Mothers and The Healthy Child as well as Adulterers, all of which have enjoyed tremendous public success.
The man who, throughout his life, has cared for, accompanied, listened to and served the cause of children tells his story in this book. In a personal text that traces his career as a pediatrician, Aldo Naouri goes back to the fundamental themes running through his work: first of all the importance of the bond that unites the child with its mother, and then the determining role of the father in its development and its assuming independence. From the emergence of life to an affirmation of the need to lead the child out of self-centredness and facilitate its growth, the very essence of Aldo Naouri's thought is always valid and stimulating.