Yves Simon, François Nef

How to Overcome Anorexia And Regain the Pleasure of Living Publication date : February 1, 2002

Anorexia is often perceived as a mysterious, incurable illness. Yet despite its sinister reputation, its causes can be explained and the illness can be treated. Overcoming anorexia requires medical and psychological treatment, but it also depends on the attitude of the patient’s family and friends. This self-help manual offers specific solutions, advice based on the authors’ clinical practice, and recommendations from experts in the field. At what point does the fear of gaining weight become obsessive? When does anorexia begin? What sort of behaviour should give cause for worry? How can anorexia be explained? What are its causes and consequences? What is the role of family and friends? How can anorexia be overcome? What should the anorexic do? What should the anorexic’s family and partner do?

François Nef is a medical psychiatrist and Yves Simon is a psychologist. Both specialise in eating disorders. They are university teachers and give consultations at the university hospital at Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.