Philippe Rochat

The Infant’s World

What do infants perceive when they look at mobiles fluttering above their cribs, see their mother approaching, or examine their wriggling toes? How do they feel and what do they understand about what occurs around them — or about what happens in their own bodies? How do they perceive the objects around them, and what do they know about them? When do they begin to construe others as persons with feelings and intentions?
Drawing on the great body of contemporary "competent infant" research, Philippe Rochat takes us on a fascinating journey into the inner world of infants.
This clear and inspiring introduction to an area at the forefront of scientific psychology offers critical examinations of such controversial issues as neonatal imitation and the development of self-awareness.

“An exceptionally thoughtful reflection on how very young children organize their understanding of the world… Rochat has written a little gem..”
Jerome Bruner

Philippe Rochat is a professor of psychology at Emory University, Ga., U.S.A.