Stephen w. Garber, Marianne D. Garber, Robyn F. Spizman

Monsters Under the Bed and Other Childhood Fears Helping Your Child Overcome Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias Translated from english (United States) by Michèle Garène. Publication date : October 1, 1997

This book has been translated from the american book : "Monsters under the bed and other childhood fears" All children fear something at every stage of development : Infants are wary of strangers : small children are scared ofbig dogs : teenagers suffer from stage fright. With Monsters Under the Bed, bestselling experts Stephen and Marianne Garberand Robyn Spizman present the most comprehensive and practical work to date for helping parents ensure that their child outgrows these "normal" fears in a healthy way. Monsters Under the Bed" provides the means for differentiating between appropriate anxieties and those that might become more serious or lasting. Its hands-on approach, based on sound psychological principles, offers detailed steps to encourage children to overcome both their physical and their emotional reactions to fear. Whether your child is scared by cars, airplanes, school, heights, insects, or enclosed spaces, the book teaches how specifically to respond positively and with compassion. Studded with helpful anecdote sand written with the author's trademark warmth and common sens, Monsters Under the Bed can make a vital and lasting difference in the once and future happiness of a child.

Stephen W. GARBER, Ph. D., is a practicing psychologist and director of the Behavioral Institute of America. Marianne Daniels GARBER, Ph. D.,is an education consultant also in practice with her husband.Robyn Freedman SPIZMAN has published widely on enhancing children's learning and lectures on creative motivation.