Charles-Édouard Rengade

Parent confident, happy child Publication date : May 13, 2015

Charles-Edouard Rengade is a psychiatrist who treats adults as well as children and adolescents. He has a special interest in psychotherapy and addictions. Besides teaching at several universities, he heads the psychiatry department of the Neuchâtelois Psychiatric Centre, in Switzerland. He is the author of Mieux vivre avec son impulsivité, published by Editions Odile Jacob.

‘We’re hopeless at parenting,’ ‘I’m not a good mother,’ ‘I’m a terrible father’, ‘My son has so many problems. It’s all my fault. I’m mortified’. Such comments reflect how many parents feel: lost, undervalued and inadequate.
This book aims to give parents self-confidence, to incite them to explore the resources that we all possess but that are sometimes hidden by doubts about parenting skills.
Overcoming educational biases, updating skills, setting educational goals, enhancing parental self-confidence: these are the main points of the approach developed here, which also includes tools to help parents manage stress and learn to feel confident about their parenting skills. As a result, they will recover pride in being a parent and they will be able to establish better relations with their child.

• A lively, encouraging style that helps establish trust.
• A clear, accessible work for parents who feel unsure of themselves.
• Educational issues generally focus on the child’s difficulties. This book focuses on the parents’ experiences.