Géraldyne Prévot-Gigant

The Power of an Encounter An encounter can change your life Publication date : March 25, 2020

Géraldyne Prévot-Gigant practices psychotherapy and is a specialist in affective dependency and connection disorders. The creator of the “Groupes de Parole pour les Femmes®, » she is the author of Le Grand Amour. Se preparer à la rencontre [The Great Love: Prepare for the Encounter] and Les Pouvoirs de l’espoir [The Powers of Hope].

People surf, click, zap. The digital age is transforming relationships: we bring in, then throw people away like any other consumer object. Today, it is more important than ever not to forget just how essential human relationships really are.

An encounter with a friend, someone you love, an artist, can change a life. Some encounters are doors that open onto new opportunities, they are occasions to learn a bit more about ourselves. Others reveal our shortcomings.

Telling stories of patients or of known personalities, this book explores the psychological – conscious or unconscious – dimension of encounters, both beneficial and toxic.

As a specialist in matters of love, Géraldyne Prévot-Gigant emphasizes such encounters and, in doing so, explores what is at play in virtual encounters on the internet. But she offers the reader a more extensive personal journey in order to develop his or her ability to encounter others and to seize opportunities in life.