Arielle Adda

The Psychology of (Overly) Gifted Children Publication date : May 9, 2018

Arielle Adda is one of the first psychologists in France to focus on the problems associated with gifted children. She has worked for more than 40 years in different clinical settings, she was the referring psychologist of Mensa France for ten years. She has given numerous lectures and is the author of: Adultes sensibles et doués – Trouver sa place et s’épanouir au travail, and L’Enfant doué, l’intelligence réconciliée, both best-sellers.
Discovering that their child is so-called “gifted” is most often a shock for the parents of these very sensitive, often ill-adjusted, children, who sometimes have difficulty integrating into a group. Fueled by a very profound knowledge of gifted children, Arielle Adda’s work answers these parents’ questions.

Reactions of the child that seem surprising, overwhelming emotions when faced with an apparently trivial event, remarks of impressive maturity, are explained and de-dramatized. The child’s strengths are revealed and the challenges he poses explained. His personality, his relationships in the family and with others, questions regarding education (specifically, to skip a grade or not), testing… all the specificities of his personality are clarified so that the behavior of the child is better understood. Advice will help parents find the right attitude to adopt: understand better to better support their child.