Marie Rose Moro

Tomorrow’s Children Publication date : January 5, 2010

Moving, migrating, leaving our homes have become increasingly common experiences. As a result, more, ever-younger children now have to cope with a variety of family structures, life-styles and social rules and a multiplicity of languages.

This situation, traditionally limited to migrant families, has in a few decades become our common lot — and if we wish to help our children grow and fully develop in a multiethnic, changing and complex world, we need to learn from these migrant families.

This is an appeal for adults to look at children — all children — in a new light and to stop fearing diversity.

Included here are:

• Concrete life stories dealing with migration, international adoption, interethnic couples, separated couples, families that travel or immigrate.

• Intercultural family histories so we can understand children's real needs and help them to grow up in a world where diversity will be the rule.

• Personal stories that give a better understanding of diversity and its significant implications, for families, schools and society.

Marie-Rose Moro is the author of Aimer ses enfants ici et ailleurs. A professor of child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Paris-Descartes, she is the director of Hôpital Cochin's Maison de l'Adolescent, where she succeeded Marcel Ruffo, and the head of the department of child psychopathology at Hôpital Avicenne.