Dominique Barbier

A Factory of Perversity Publication date : March 1, 2017

Dominique Barbier is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.

Narcissistic perverts feel no shame or guilt. They seek admiration and approval and are often extremely charming, which is what enable them to ‘hook’ their preys.
Our current society, based on productivity, boundless profit, individualism, the failure of fathers to assume their role and the commodification of existence, has become a factory of perversity.
Dominique Barbier answers the following questions: who are narcissistic perverts? Why should they be feared? How to identify and avoid them?
In addition, the author examines the growth of this personality profile and studies the causes.

• A clear, detailed description identifying the strategies and behaviours of narcissistic perverts.
• A critique of ultra-liberal societies, which the author holds responsible for the development of narcissistic behaviour.
• Dominique Barbier explains how to break free and remain unaffected by such personality types.
• A ground-breaking work that links narcissistic perversion with the current structure of our society.