Rosalie Evelyn

A History of Life, A History of the Body Publication date : November 8, 2007

Feeling good about ourselves means understanding the connections between our bodies and our minds.

We often ignore our bodies; we do not know how to listen to it and we fail to perceive what it expresses through the various aches and pains that we all live with. Yet the way we walk, our posture, muscular tension, backaches and other pains all speak volumes about our past history.

By observing patients' posture and physical aches, Rosalie Evelyn deciphers the meaning inscribed in the body's stiff and painful areas. Why are the jaws clenched? Why is the back stiff or bent? Why is the pelvis rigid? Based on her experiences, the author has developed a unique approach to the way our emotions affect our bodies and personalities. She finds meaning in our tenseness, our muscular contractions and our fears, as she works towards uncovering their origins. Our bodies are shaped by the way we breathe; they are the silent witnesses of our emotional history.

This approach to the body, based on an awareness of breathing, offers new avenues toward personal development, freedom and well-being.

A greater knowledge of the links between body and mind will enable greater self-knowledge and a better understanding of the origins and history of our tensions.

The author argues that our daily aches and pains correspond to the way the emotions act on the body. Our physical selves lead directly to the psyche.

Rosalie Evelyn is a psycho-physical therapist. Over the past twelve years, she has developed a method based on breathing and stretching exercises which aims to help people accept their bodies.