Michel Reynaud, Philippe-Jean Parquet, Gilbert Lagrue

Addictive Behaviour Pyscho-active Substances: Use, Abuse and Dependence Publication date : February 1, 2000

Written by a sociologist, a psychologist and a doctor, under the auspices of the French department of health, Les Pratiques addictives successfully combines the approaches of three specialists. It reviews various forms of addiction, their causes and risks, as well as preventive policies and the methods currently used to combat addictions.

How should an addiction be defined? What do the various forms of abuse of psychoactive substances have in common? What biological mechanisms do these substances activate?
What are the psychological and biological factors that enhance substance abuse? What are the risks involved in the abuse of each substance?
What means are available to prevent and treat the abuse of hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco?
What should be done to improve existing means?