Barbara Polla

All Man Publication date : February 13, 2014

Barbara Polla is a writer, as well as a physician, former Swiss politician, CEO and gallery owner. In 2012, Editions Odile Jacob published her book on women, Tout à fait femme.

After her earlier book on women, Tout à fait femme (Editions Odile Jacob, 2012), Barbara Polla has now written a corresponding work on today’s men, Tout à fait homme.
Without preconceptions and with intense curiosity, she listened to many men as they talked about what they consider vital. Desire, for example, holds an essential place in the male world — and therefore in this book. Desire that aspires to be free and vigorous, but that they shroud in silence, doubtless so as not to ‘upset’ the order of things, or women, or even themselves.
Nearly 80% of men in a stable relationship reportedly have multiple sexual relations. Why don’t they talk about this? Because women wouldn’t understand, they say. But what if they dared?
Happy Valentine’s Day!

• Intimate male revelations: what men desire, what they want, what they experience and why.
• A thought-provoking book on the desire for freedom and the freedom of desire, which is bound to incite intense discussions and debate.