René Frydman, Muriel Flis-Trèves

An Announcement to Marie, Sarah, Agar and the others.... Colloque Gypsy IV Publication date : October 1, 2000

This book contains a collection of contributions by psychologists, psychoanalysts and gynecologists, which will be presented in October 2000 as part of the “Gypsy” colloquia, organised by René Frydman and Muriel Flis Trèves, from the Hospital Antoine-Béclère in Clamart, near Paris. Women’s lives are marked by a series of physical events, which may or may not be expected, including pregnancy, illness, foetal malformation or death, and menopause. What effect do these events have? How do women cope and live with them? The reply to these questions is given here by the top specialists in the field: Caroline Eliacheff, Willy Rozenbaum, Geneviève Delaisi de Parseval, Daniel Sibony, François Olivennes, David Elia, Claire Gellman, Roger Bessis, Dalil Boubaker, Paul Atlan, Arnold Munnich, Israël Nisand, Blandine Baret-Kriegel, and Sylvain Mimoun, among others.