Robert Neuburger

Areas of Intimacy The Individual, the Couple, the Family Publication date : May 1, 2000

A large part of our lives is concerned with trying to conquer and protect our individual privacy, our intimacy with our partner and within our family. We are inside three circles of intimacy. An equally significant part of our personal lives consists in repairing the errors made in relation to our intimacy: either because we did not defend our own space well enough, or because we were unable to let it go at the right moment.
How do human beings acquire a sense of privacy? How is intimacy shared within a family or within a couple? What are the relations between our own privacy and the outside world? What are the relations between the different areas of privacy? What happens when problems arise? How should these areas of privacy, which don’t entirely coincide, be dealt with? What are the consequences of the difficulties that we may encounter in trying to establish a private territory?
Based on his lengthy experience as a practising psychotherapist, Robert Neuburger provides a stimulating checklist to help readers understand more clearly not only their own identity, by also the foundations of their relationship with their partner and with their family. He also takes the opportunity to address a number of common problems from a fresh point of view: parent-child relations, the crisis of adolescence, the unity and disunity of the couple, etc.

Robert Neuburger is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and couple and family therapist, practising in Paris. He is the vice president of the Société Française de Thérapie Familiale, and teaches at the Free University of Brussels. He is the author of Les Nouveaux Couples.