Frédéric Fanget, Odile Darbon

Asserting Oneself When Faced with Manipulation Thwarting manipulation – a user’s guide Publication date : January 19, 2022

Frédéric Fanget is a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist. He teaches at the Université Lyon-I. He is the author of best-selling books such as Affirmez-vous. Pour mieux vivre avec les autres [Assert Yourself: Living Better with Others] (2002, 2011); Oser. Thérapie de la confiance en soi [To Dare: Self-Confidence Therapy] (2003); Toujours Mieux! Psychologie du perfectionnisme [Always Better! The Psychology of Perfectionism] (2006); and Oser la vie à deux [Daring to Live as a Couple] (2010) published by Odile Jacob.
Odile Vincenti-Darbon is a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist, specializing in CBT [Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy]; she practices in Marseille.

The increase in attempts at manipulation, whether they are commercial or affective, is a characteristic of our society. It is difficult to escape them.
But manipulation is part of human relationships. And in this context, it is essential to know how to detect it to thwart it and rediscover one’s power in a relationship.
In the face of a tendency that leads one to believe that manipulating the other is a quality, it is beneficial to heed the advice of two psychiatrists, specialists in self-assertion behavior. Backed by their thirty years of experience treating relational difficulties connected to low self-esteem or hypersensitivity, in this book Frédéric Fanget and Odile Vincenti propose means to recognize manipulation, to understand the scenarios in which it operates, and techniques to enable one to confront it. To rediscover self-confidence in order to accept the world as it is while being sufficiently prepared to detect its traps, and to know how to thwart them without renouncing any progress that may be offered – this is the goal of the present book which overflows with advice for learning to assert oneself in a situation of abuse.