Daniel N. Stern, Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern

The Birth of a Mother How the Motherhood Experience Changes You Forever Publication date : February 6, 2009

If your baby throws a tantrum or refuses to eat, everyone looks at you: as the baby's mother you are expected to know what to do in a split second. Yet since you are learning to be a mother as you go along, and you feel that it all happened so quickly, you are not always sure that you are exercising your new role as well as you could.

The Birth of a Mother aims primarily to help new mothers prepare for the upheavals that await them and that will deeply transform them.

“An indispensable work for all mothers wishing to prepare calmly for the unique experience of motherhood.” Famili

Daniel N. Stern, an internationally renowned psychiatrist and professor of psychology, is the author of many acclaimed works, including Diary of a Baby and The Present Moment in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life (French translations: Journal d'un bébé, 2004; Le Moment présent en psychothérapie, 1998).