Dominique Page

Borderline Publication date : October 5, 2006

What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? Those who suffer from it lead lives of great emotional, cognitive and behavioural instability, with serious mood swings, difficulties in maintaining satisfactory personal relations, and overpowering emotions. Not only do borderlines damage their lives with such actions, they can also threaten their own survival through suicidal or other forms of self-destructive behaviour.
Based on clinical examples and a series of practical suggestions, Dominique Page shows borderlines how to improve the way they manage their emotions, cognition and behaviour — the three gateways through which human beings access the world around them, and which are seriously disturbed by BPD.

Besides showing borderlines how they themselves can implement a scientifically approved therapy whose effectiveness has been proven, Page also gives the family and friends of borderlines the necessary information so that they can be understanding and supportive.

Dominique Page, a psychotherapist and doctor of psychology, heads the Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy Unit at the Hôpital de Prangin, in Switzerland.