Jacques Lecomte

Cured of Childhood Publication date : May 18, 2004

How does a child whom life has hurt become resilient? Jacques Lecomte examines every aspect of a child's environment that can help him or her overcome misfortune. He stresses the crucial need for markers in the reconstruction of the child's personality, and on the importance of finding meaning in suffering.
This is a thorough study of resilience, its foundations and how it works. It is also a polemical work which questions the role played by psychotherapists in building resilience. Jacques Lecomte argues that they are not the only ones who can do this - and that sometimes psychotherapists can do more harm than good.
The author suggests specific plans of action, for families and children, so that those who are suffering and in pain may learn to become resilient and happy.
This book offers a powerful message of hope - happiness, says the author, lies in acquiring a better understanding of resilience.

Jacques Lecomte is a doctor in psychology and a lecturer at the University of Paris-X. He specialises in training professionals who work with children and is secretary general of the International Observatory on Resilience, presided by Boris Cyrulnik.