Marc Sznajder

Elder Children and Younger Children Publication date : March 21, 2013

Marc Sznajder is a paediatrician attached to the University Hospital André Paré, in Boulogne, near Paris. He is a member of the French Paediatrics Society and the author of several works, including guides to childhood diseases and to the psychological development of young children.

“I have observed the following: the children that come to my consultancy often possess particular character traits in accordance with their birth rank. The mothers themselves often underline the character and temperamental differences that set apart their successive children,” writes Marc Sznajder.
Although each child has a distinctive personality, the birth rank of each brother or sister shapes how that personality develops. This becomes visible when specific characteristics are observed. What are the qualities that characterise younger and elder children? Which child will be the most outgoing, the most open minded? How can we explain these differences, corroborated by numerous parental testimonials? That is what this book reveals to the reader.

A clear, widely accessible and well-documented work, based on twenty years’ experience in paediatrics.