Yves-Alexandre Thalmann

Feeling Great With Positive Psychology Publication date : October 10, 2011

Yves-Alexandre Thalmann is a psychologist with a cognitive-behavioural approach and the author of numerous works on personal development. He has a private practice and gives training courses in business enterprises, in Switzerland.

Everyone wants to be happy. But what are the attitudes and choices that influence happiness? That is the question that positive psychology, a branch of psychology that is concerned with human wellbeing, sets out to answer. The aim of this book is to provide the operational tools that will enable readers to trigger their own wellbeing. These tools, which have been scientifically corroborated, include actions that we must accomplish, mindfulness and work on our own thoughts.
The book explores the paths to wellbeing, with the aim of placing them within reach. It emphasises what each reader can do to attain happiness in his or her daily life, but such considerations are always anchored in rigorous studies. This is a self-help book on personal development that is firmly grounded in results that have been validated.

• Positive psychology concerns everyone, since it is not limited to a particular problem.

• A structured and dynamic approach offering a wide range of exercises and tests.

• A synthesis of scientific research and self-help advice, this book offers a practical guide to personal development that works.