Jean-Pierre Danjean

Forgetfulness and Memory Lapses Publication date : April 10, 2014

Jean-Pierre Danjean is a general practitioner and the author of Vivre mieux avec sa fatigue chronique.

When should forgetfulness become a cause for concern? At what point in the spectrum beginning with banal absentmindedness brought on by overwork, to a more serious memory lapse caused by ADD or by depression or by Alzheimer’s disease or by any other of the intermediary cognitive disorders? Many people past the age of 50 worry about their occasional memory lapses, fearing they may be early warnings signs of Alzheimer’s disease. Although Alzheimer’s affects many people, it is far from being the sole cause of forgetfulness. Memory lapses often have less serious sources and, in many cases, memory can be improved without much difficulty. Because there are so many different sorts of memory lapses, anyone, regardless of age, can suffer from them. What are the main causes of forgetfulness and of some of the other more serious memory disorders? Overwork, anxiety? What can be done to overcome the different types of memory disorders? At what point does ‘normal’ forgetfulness become pathological?
Readers will find answers to such questions in this concise book illustrated with numerous examples that explain how memory works and what to do to prevent memory disorders and maintain brainpower.

• From banal forgetfulness to serious memory disorders: tests and essential guidelines to help decide how and when to take action.
• How to deal with each different sort of disorder: lifestyle, managing memory problems, maintaining brainpower.
• Detailed information on coping with serious memory disorders, including Alzheimer’s, with specific advice for family and carers.