François-Xavier Poudat

Fulfilling Your Sexuality Publication date : September 9, 2004

The author, who is both a sexologist and a psychiatrist, suggests ways in which sexuality can be improved. First of all, he says, we should know ourselves, since we are all burdened with a heavy baggage of misinformation, sexual myths and unconscious blockages that keep us from being truly ourselves in our sex lives. Secondly, he says, we should make the effort to know our partner better. Since "men are from Mars and women are from Venus", male and female views and expectations regarding sexuality are very different.
Drawing on numerous case studies, the author goes on to examine some specific sexual problems — vaginismus, anorgasmy, premature ejaculation, erectile impotence — and proposes a series of specific, easy-to-follow and effective programmes to overcome each one.

From reviews of the earlier edition:
"Can a book help to heal? The answer is yes." Psychologies Magazine
"The keys to a fulfilled sexuality." Top Santé
François-Xavier Poudat is a psychiatrist concentrating on behavioural and cognitive therapies. He specialises in couple therapy and in the treatment of sexual disorders.