Jacques Lecomte

Healing in the Wake of Childhood Publication date : October 28, 2010

Jacques Lecomte, a doctor in psychology, is a lecturer at the University of Paris-X and in the Faculty of Social Studies of the Catholic Institute of Paris. He was formerly secretary general of the International Observatory on Resilience. He is the author of Donner un sens à sa vie (2007).

How to overcome and be “cured” of childhood trauma? How to survive physical violence as well as psychological abuse, which though less visible is even more destructive? How to overcome misfortune?
Based on the testimonials of victims who succeeded in transforming suffering into strength, and backed by numerous scientific studies, this book describes the processes of resilience: how with the help of a teacher, a distant relative or sometimes even a pet, the victim can be healed. Jacques Lecomte explains here why attachment, rules and meaningfulness are the pillars of the individual’s reconstruction.

• In this moving and luminous text, Jacques Lecomte gives us a formidable message of hope and explains how our society can favour the development of resilience.

• By understanding “natural” resilience we can learn to help those who have suffered: abused children, aimless adolescents and anyone suffering from trauma or from serious illnesses.