François Lelord

Hector and the Secrets of Love Publication date : March 20, 2005

In the earlier Le Voyage d'Hector, the reader followed a deceptively naive psychiatrist called Hector on a journey in search of happiness. This time, Hector is on a quest to find the secret of love. At the request of a pharmaceutical company, he must find a brilliant professor who has mysteriously disappeared after developing a molecule that has the power to make people fall in love. In this new adventure, Hector, accompanied by a disturbing woman he has just met, visits Cambodian massage parlours and luxury hotels in Shanghai and travels through the Golden Triangle.
Will he get away from his pursuers? Will he and the gentle Clara make up? Will their love be saved?
In this lively, entertaining parody, combining the ingredients of the love story and the adventure film, François Lelord shows once again that he is a master at creating an exciting story with intriguing, likeable characters.

François Lelord is a psychiatrist and the author of many international bestsellers, including Le Voyage d'Hector, which sold more than 80,000 copies. He is also the author of Contes d'un psychiatre ordinaire and the co-author, with Christophe André, of such top sellers as Comment gérer les personnalités difficiles, L'Estime de soi and La Force des émotions.