Lucy Vincent

How Do you Feel? 15 sensational exercises to reprogram your brain Publication date : September 14, 2022

Lucy Vincent is a neurobiologist and the author of several bestselling books about love and the brain: Comment devient-on amoureux ?, Petits arrangements avec l’amour, Où est passé l’amour ? and Faites danser votre cerveau.

How many of us do not live in our bodies, do not use them enough? The cause of this is our largely sedentary lifestyle. We value the “mind” by analysing it, exploring its development and powers, but dismiss the body. Yet, we act with our bodies. The less we use it and the less we feel, the less we feel confident to act. Fortunately, the latest findings in neurobiology show that the way we move and our intellectual, cognitive and emotional development are closely linked. Our motor and cognitive systems are interdependent and form a whole. Encouraging physical movement, by walking for example, and promoting better coordination can be a real challenge, because it is means taking care of your brain and preventing many illnesses.
Experiments prove this and form the basis of protocols for reprogramming the brain by moving your body. This book provides five psycho-corporal areas to work on to build your confidence, feel more rooted in your environment, regain control and work on your creativity. A totally new approach to personal development. Our body is not our best friend, it is us. And it deserves our full attention.