Géraldyne Prévot-Gigant

How to Find Love Preparing to Meet Someone New Publication date : May 20, 2015

Géraldyne Prévot-Gigant is a psychotherapist specialising in emotional dependence and relationship disorders and the founder of women’s therapy and empowerment groups, ‘Groupes de Paroles pour les Femmes’. She is notably the author of 50 exercices pour développer son charisme, 50 exercices pour sortir de la dépendance affective and 50 exercices pour sortir du célibat (Editions Eyrolles).

In France, more than 5 million women live alone. Many of them wish to find a partner — but not at any price. They are aware that they could aspire to a better sort of relationship if only they could improve their self-knowledge and if they were able to resolve certain issues that influence their choice of partner.
There could be no better time than while they are living alone — often between relationships — to delve into their unconscious drives.
To enable them to do so, the author proposes a series of approaches, which can be followed individually, to explore one’s past history, fears, repetitive behaviour patterns, constricting beliefs, as well as a type of ‘relationship’ behaviour that should be worked on and changed, in order to meet the ‘other’.
Far from such quick methods as ‘love-coaching’, this book gradually and progressively enables readers to know themselves better.
It will help them reject notions of success or failure in relationships (which the author sees as illusions) and to hold on only to the best in a relationship.

• An in-depth reflection, explained in a clear, pedagogical manner (sidebars with concise summaries, mini-questionnaires, etc.).
• A positive, reassuring message.