Ghislaine Paris

The Importance of Sexuality Publication date : October 17, 2013

Ghislaine Paris is a physician and a sexologist with training in psychoanalysis. She is the author of Un désir si fragile (Leduc, 2004) and the co-author, with Bernadette Costa, of Faire l’amour pour éviter la guerre dans le couple (Albin Michel, 2010).

Many of the patients who consult sexologist Ghislaine Paris complain of an absence of sexual desire. She argues here that sexuality plays a vital role in human life providing pleasure and much more besides and that it is the connecting thread in human existence. And yet sex and sexuality are strangely and singularly undervalued in our society.
Written in the form of a fictitious dialogue between a young female patient and her therapist, Paris describes the multifaceted and valuable role that sex plays in human life: sex is the foundation of male and female human identity; it is the basis of the construction of human society; it makes us adults, capable of ‘otherness’ as well as of loving and of constructing a fulfilled affective relationship.
Only by becoming aware of all the positive aspects of sexuality will we be able to give it the place in our lives that it deserves.
According to Paris, sexuality in all its forms can be happy and fulfilling — if we give it our full attention, time and curiosity.

• Putting sexuality back into the centre of human life.
• A analysis in the form of a straightforward dialogue, with clear, rapid exchanges.
• How to be happy with one’s sex life.