Boris Cyrulnik

In the Time of Souls and Seasons Psychology and Ecology Publication date : January 20, 2021

Boris Cyrulnik is a neuropsychiatrist. He is the author of many books, all best-sellers, notably Un merveilleux malheur, Sauve-toi, la vie t’appelle; Psychothérapie de Dieu which was translated into 10 languages and most recently, La Nuit, j’écrirai des soleils which sold over 190,000 copies.
“We had no sooner arrived in the world some 200,000 years ago, when violence, necessary to avoid death, favored virile strength.
“Humans had to dominate nature, kill animals, and eat living beings. Weapons had to be invented to kill, then arguments found to provide a reasonable excuse for this creative violence, and legitimize the domination exerted over women. The violence of men, associated with the fertility of women, apparently assured the survival of the human species and its expansion over the planet. But what about today?
“Today, this violence has become a curse, and fertility is reduced to a bare minimum. For three generations, we have been living more or less in peace, women no longer die in childbirth, or men in combat. Does this mean that, soon, the human adventure will no longer need to be gendered?” B. C.