Willy Pasini

Jealousy Publication date : April 23, 2006

Not only is jealousy a basic trait of human nature, it may also be an essential component of love, says Willy Pasini, who argues that instead of struggling against feelings of jealousy and denying them, we should learn to use those feelings — our own as well as our partner’s — to nourish our love life.
After analysing jealousy, Pasini concludes that it is too frequently blamed for destroying couples and poisoning their lives, and that, instead, couples should “educate” jealousy by integrating it into the game of seduction.

“Firmly based in practice, this book will further the reflections of therapists and assist in personal development.” Sexololgies

“Willy Pasini, a tireless observer of couples, urges readers to educate jealousy so as to integrate it into the game of seduction. A book that goes against the tide of generally accepted ideas. “ Psychologies

Willy Pasini is a psychiatrist and sexologist. He is the author of Derrière la beauté (2005); Les Nouveaux Comportements sexuels (2003); Être sûr de soi (2002; paperback edition, 2004); Les Casse-Pieds (2000; paperback edition, 2003); Le Force du désir (1999; paperback edition, 2002); Le Temps d’aimer (1997; paperback edition, 2005) and À quoi sert le couple? (1996; paperback edition, 2000).