Roger Zumbrunnen

Knowing How to Change Publication date : January 22, 2009

Do you feel that something is wrong with your life? Have you failed to develop a talent that you know is in you? Do you wish to further your development? Do you need to adapt to a new situation? Whatever the context, if you are dissatisfied with your life then it is time you changed an aspect of your behaviour.

This practical book, aimed at the general reader, offers some highly effective tools to make the necessary changes. It explains how to:

• fight against the enemies of change (habit, hidden advantages, avoidance, mistaken goals);

• change the way you act, think, feel (cultivate the unusual, try out several types of behaviour before making a final choice, try other opinions, renew sensations);

• change (and improve) the way you interact with others (stop trying to change them, cultivate error, do not mix up inner and external reality).

This book on the art of changing tells readers how to develop their capacities to adapt to new situations, and it provides the tools to make minor or radical changes.

Roger Zumbrunnen is a psychiatrist and cognitive-behavioural therapist specialising in anxiety-related disorders. He is the author of Pas de panique au volant! (2002).