Stéphanie Hahusseau

Let Your Emotions Flow Without Guilt or Anxiety Publication date : May 4, 2022

Stéphanie Hahusseau is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Paris, specialising in emotions. She is often a pioneer in her field, putting forward innovative ideas, and is the author of several books on the subject of emotions, including Comment ne pas se gâcher la vie, Tristesse, peur, colère ; Agir sur ses émotions, Petit Guide de l’amour heureux and Comment ne plus subir – Se déconditionner du passé.

We are currently caught between two trends in the field of psychology: to try and apply well-intentioned principles that tend to resemble orders – let go, be positive, be kind – and which can lead to feelings of guilt when not achieved successfully. Or, at the other extreme, to repeat deleterious behaviour (not acknowledging one’s emotions) and ignore the benefits of psychology and, more specifically, everything we have learned from neuroscience.
Our mental health gains nothing from this “schizophrenia”. Instead, we are left feeling anxious, if not depressed. The pandemic has further accentuated this. There is a need for change.
Starting with making space for feelings and learning to acknowledge emotions, rather than running away from them. Stéphanie Hahusseau, a psychiatrist who has studied the role of emotions for many years, explores this highly sensitive subject by looking at the link between emotions and health. Through 33 common themes, she shows how emotional problems influence our mental and physical health and how it is urgent to move away from these preconceived ideas that hinder our wellbeing.