Lisa Letessier

Lies Between a Couple Publication date : September 19, 2018

Lisa Letessier is a clinical psychologist. After working for several years at the Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, she is now director of the Cabinet Ennéade. Trained in cognitive and behavioral therapy and member of the Association Française de thérapie comportementale et cognitive, trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and a member of EMDR-France, practitioner of Young schema therapy, mindfulness instructor certified by the Mindfulness Development Association, she specializes in couples issues. Letessier is notably the author of the best-selling La Rupture amoureuse
Why do we lie to our partner? And why does the discovery of a lie often develop into a drama within the couple, when it doesn’t simply signal the end? What is to be made of those who mutually search through each other’s their personal things, their emails or their phones? Can we live in absolute transparency? And how can we distinguish between what belongs to our “secret garden” and what falls within the category of an unacceptable lie?

Confidence, betrayal, transparency, a taste for secrecy: in this book, Lisa Letessier offers us a better understanding of the stakes and the repercussions, both direct and indirect, of lying within a couple, and also shows us how to act concretely to learn how better to manage one’s fear of the other’s lie, or one’s own tendency to lie.

Whether it is a matter of adultery, of little daily lies, or of repeated dissimulations regarding work or money, practical exercises blending behavioral and cognitive therapy, schema therapy, and mindfulness, will help all those who have suffered from lying in their relationship to make an assessment of that relationship and to end the suffering brought on by the betrayal of the other.