Aldo Naouri

Living Life to the Fullest Interviews with Emilie Lanez Publication date : November 5, 2014

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician renowned for his immensely successful books: Les Filles et leurs mères, L’Enfant bien portant, Eduquer ses enfants, Adultères and, more recently, Les Belles-Mères.

Since his earliest works written in the 1980s, Aldo Naouri has successfully imposed his discordant, insistent voice on matters of education and family relations.
An atypical paediatrician, prolix and sometimes provocative, a great raconteur of life stories, a witness to the changes that have affected family life, he is more than a physician: his ideas on maternal love, the paternal role, what’s best for the child and for the child’s development have had a major impact on the large following that Naouri has acquired over the years.
Delving into his own childhood, Naouri reveals for the first time here the key experiences in his life that influenced his thinking and inspired him, the methods that have guided his practice, the great themes that flow through his writings and their extraordinary coherence.

• The development of Aldo Naouri’s thinking, as revealed through his works.
• The foundations of his teachings: authority, children’s education, gender differentiation, paternal and maternal roles.
• The story of a difficult childhood.