Jean Benjamin Stora

Living With an Organ Transplant Accepting the Other

All over the world, thousands of organs are transplanted every year. These transplants concern kidneys, hearts, livers, pancreas, and bone marrow.
• How should patients prepare for a transplant?
• What are the ties between the donor and the organ recipient? What can recipients do to learn to accept the presence of the “other” in their own bodies?
• What can recipients do to maintain their psychic and emotional balance after an organ transplant?
• Are organ transplants a technical interlude to be superseded in the future by cloning and the transplant of stem-cells?
These are some of the questions that Professor Stora addresses in this book, the outcome of a five-year study carried out at the teaching hospital of La Pitié-La Salpêtrière. It describes and analyses the experiences of an organ recipient — from a practical as well as a psychological standpoint — and will doubtless serve to help improve relations between transplant patients and medical staff.

Professor Jean Benjamin Stora is a psychoanalyst and psychosomaticist. He is a former president of the Institut Psychosomatique Pierre Marty and of the Société Française de Psychosomatique. He is currently a consultant in psychosomatic disorders at the teaching hospital of La Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris.
He is the author of Quand le corps prend la relève.