Steven Laureys

Meditation and Brain Publication date : September 10, 2019

Steven Laureys is a world-renowned neurologist, known notably for his work on the consciousness of comatose patients. He is the author of a dozen academic works on consciousness and of more than 500 scientific articles. Today, he is director of the Consciousness-Coma-Science-Group at the Interdisciplinary Center of Biomedical Research of the University of Liège (the GIGA Research Center).
Steven Laureys, neurologist and the author of pioneering studies on human consciousness, has worked for several years to better understand how meditation acts on our brain, how it profoundly changes it, and why it is beneficial to us.

Matthieu Ricard, a former biologist who became a Buddhist monk in the Himalayas and the personal translator of the Dalai Lama, is known throughout the world for his lectures and his works on Buddhism and meditation. It has been said about him that he displays the greatest capacity for happiness ever measured…

This book is the fruit of their encounter.

The spectacular results the book recounts are the scientific proof that has been missing up to now: yes, practicing meditation has specific effects on consciousness and true benefits for health – as proven by the study of the functioning of Matthieu Ricard’s and other expert meditators’ brains!