Violaine Guéritault

Mothers’ Emotional and Physical Burnout Publication date : January 3, 2008

Motherhood is a source of great happiness, but it is also a high-risk occupation which can expose women to intense physical and emotional fatigue: a high level of responsibility, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; multiple forms of stress; often unequal task sharing; absence of recognition, etc. All these factors result in a state that is similar to professional, or occupational, burnout.

The author reassures mothers, arguing that they are not guilty of poor organisation or of bringing up their children poorly. Whether they are mothers of very young children or of adolescents, whether they are working or stay-at-home mothers, and whatever their family situation may be, here is a book that will help them understand what they are going through, and to answer such questions as: How can I overcome the stress of daily life? How can I protect myself, both physically and emotionally, to succeed in the demanding occupation of motherhood?

Violaine Guéritaud is a consultant with a firm that counsels businesses on such issues as burnout and occupational stress. Guéritaud, who is the mother of two, holds a doctorate from the University of Atlanta.