Aldo Naouri

Mothers-in-Law Fathers-in-Law, Daughters-in-Law and Sons-in-Law Publication date : October 3, 2013

Aldo Naouri is a paediatrician with psychoanalytic training specialising in intra-family relations. An author with a wide following, he has most notably published such immense successes as Les Filles et leurs mères, Eduquer ses enfants, Adultères and L’Enfant bien portant. His work has been translated in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Romanian and Korean.

Why do mothers-in-law have such bad reputations? Why from earliest times have popular culture, the arts and literature been so generously endowed with horrendous tales of mothers- (and fathers-) in-law? How many fights between couples have been sparked by disagreements concerning the various in-laws?
Drawing on a brilliant analysis that delves into religious backgrounds, popular myths, anthropology and, of course, psychology, Aldo Naouri reveals what lies behind the resentments felt by the various family members, and he tells us what men and women have to gain or lose from the perennial conflicts about the in-laws.
Whatever one’s role within a family — mother-, father-, daughter- or son-in-law — the eminent psychiatrist Aldo Naouri provides answers for everyone, illustrated with examples reflecting each person’s queries. And he offers some astonishing revelations that will permanently alter the lives of many families.

• The main subject — mothers-in-law — remains extremely popular.
• The author makes some surprising revelations about our family relationships and what they tell — and don’t tell — us.