Willy Pasini

New Types of Sexual Behaviour Publication date : February 4, 2010

The topography of love has changed. After the couple-as-institution, then the romantic couple, we now have the “sensorial couple”, as more and more men and women seek to attain powerful sensations together, as a couple. How can we explain that couples talk about their fantasies so much more freely than they used to? Why do they often try to satisfy these fantasies within the couple? How can we explain what has become known as “soft perversions”? How can we reconcile the desire to experience powerful emotions with the wish to live with the same partner for many years, even for a lifetime? Is there any room left for such simple feelings as tenderness, trust and mutual respect?

• The book that tells you everything there is to know about the new rules of sexual behaviour.

A psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist, Willy Pasini is the author of many best-selling books, such as à quoi sert le couple? (1996), La Force du désir (1999) and L'Intimité retrouvée (2009).

His other works include Le temps d'aimer (1997), Les Casse-pieds (2000), Le Courage de changer (2001), Etre sûr de soi (2002), La Jalousie (2004), Le Couple amoureux (2005), Les 7 avantages de la beauté (2006), Des hommes à aimer (2007) and Les Amours infidèles (2008).