Willy Pasini

The Nuisance People Translated from the Italian by Jacqueline Henry Publication date : April 1, 2000

Does your doorman accost you every morning when you leave for work? Does your boss seem overly anxious? Do your co-workers seem more and more agitated every day? Does your best friend never seem to overcome any of her problems? Is your partner depressed because he feels inadequate? Even though you may feel that life is generally uncomplicated and happy, recently you’ve been having trouble coping and fighting off the ambient dejection and the psychological problems of everyone around you.
Based on numerous case studies, Willy Pasini reviews the different types of situations that are likely to spoil your everyday life. He suggests the best strategies to help you adjust to or avoid each situation. You will learn how to resist being overwhelmed by a negative environment, to discourage rampant narcissism, to neutralise bad temper, to confront stress without anxiety, and to avoid unnecessary confrontation. In short, you will find out how best to protect your own mental health and maintain your inner equilibrium. This makes for invigorating reading and should help anyone to overcome the hurdles of everyday life and to feel happy and fulfilled.

Willy Pasini, a practising psychotherapist, teaches psychiatry and psychology at the University of Geneva. He is the author of What Use Does the Couple Serve ? and The Force of Desire.