Fanny Nusbaum, Olivier Revol, Dominic Sappey-Marinier

The Philocognitives They Only Like to Think, and to Think Differently Publication date : January 30, 2019

Fanny Nusbaum is a psychologist and research associate in psychology and neuroscience at the Université de Lyon (Laboratoire P25, EA4129). She is the founder and director of the Centre PSYRENE (PSYchologie, REcherche Et Neurosciences), a specialist in the evaluation, diagnosis, and development of potentials. Dominic Sappey-Marinier is instructor and researcher in biophysics, medical imagery, and neuroscience at the Faculté de Médecine Lyon-Est at the Université de Lyon. Olivier Revol, a child psychiatrist, is the author of numerous scientific publications on high potential, attention deficit, hyperactivity, language disorders, and difficulties in school that can result from them. He is director of the center for learning disorders at the neurological hospital of Lyon, and for more than thirty years has been speaking out for every child’s right to achieve pleasure in learning.

Philocognitives are individuals, children or adults, who think differently and who can’t stop thinking. Called gifted, precocious, high-potential, they have been described in only one and the same way, whereas in fact they reveal two distinct types of intelligence. Where some, brilliant and misfits, cause a “revolution in thinking,” others, in fact, appear as pillars of their surroundings, bringing it reason and balance.

Since according to their findings “high-potentials” are not all the same, two psychology specialists and a neuroscientist offer, for the first time in a book, to reveal the essential characteristics that align with one or the other of the general profiles.

Do you, too, have an atypical way of thinking? Then set off to meet yourself again, and discover if you are more of a pathbreaker or a Swiss knife, an interpreter or an explorer, sympathetic or empathetic, instinctive or intuitive, with self-esteem or confidence in others…