Pierre Lemarquis

Portrait of the Brain as an Artist Publication date : August 30, 2012

Pierre Lemarquis is a neurologist. A former intern and department head at Marseille’s teaching hospital, he is a member of the French Society of Neurology, the Society of Francophone Clinical Neurophysiologists and of the New York Academy of Sciences.

What do we know today about the impact of beauty on our health? How do neurological diseases affect our perception of beauty? How can art help us to endure illness, ageing and even the closeness of death?
Philosophers were the first to notice the impact of beauty and of artistic creations on our lives and vitality. The neurosciences have now confirmed these theses.
It has been shown that the harmonious proportions of a painting or sculpture produce a sensation of well-being; that colours affect our emotions, creativity, concentration and even our physical strength; and that music does have the power to soothe pain!
The author offers numerous examples to support and illustrate his claims: from Bosch to Navaho paintings, from the Beatles to Fernand Léger, from ancient calligraphy to Jeff Koons.

• A masterly analysis of art’s positive impact on the brain.
• A luminous presentation of the scientific foundations of art therapy as a means of fighting against ageing, whether normal or pathological.