Marion Leboyer, Lisa Letessier, Anne deDanne

Post-Covid, Reinventing Our Mental Health Publication date : October 6, 2021

Marion Leboyer is a psychiatrist with training in neuroscience, a university professor – clinical practitioner working at the Paris XII hospital, and head of the division of psychiatry and addictology at the Henri-Mondor university hospital since January 2007.
Lisa Letessier is a cognitive behavioral psychologist specializing in mindfulness and in schema therapy. She practices in Paris, primarily at the European Hospital Georges-Pompidou.

Covid-19 has upended our society in many ways. Never has a pandemic elicited so much research and work showing how a “simple” virus affects us. First, indirectly: the climate of anxiety, social isolation, and economic instability have contributed to weakening mental health throughout the world. A large portion of the population, men and women, young and the less young, health care workers or students, have developed new depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders. The connection between the infection and the appearance of mental disorders seems to have been largely neglected. It is, however, one of the essential discoveries of immuno-psychiatry as described in this book. But in France, the taboo of mental illness has inhibited the dissemination of advances in research.

Dozens of official reports have already sounded the alarm about the insufficiencies of the French mental health system. The Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to review it. What resources can we mobilize? What critical information can be given to decision-makers to carry out this reform?